Church attendance has been in decline for quite some time. The last resurgence was around 1970.   The hippies were searching for peace, joy and love. Some decided to try this fellow Jesus who claimed to have the key.   So some hippies found themselves in church, and some find themselves preaching in those churches today.   Here is my take on the Word, served up to be palatable and relevant to today.

I sat through too many boring sermons to let you suffer the same fate.   I work hard to make every week interesting, relevant, and educational.  Something you can use today.  Please listen to one, and see for yourself.

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“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be” – Kurt Vonnegut American Author 1922-2007


My Favorite So-Cal Restaurant



1200 Alamos Ave

Sacramento CA 95815

Sunday    10:30

I am authorized to officiate marriages in California


I offer a brief memorial service for pets–It has become quite popular